Installation of 16-unit Streetlights: Brighter Nights in Brgy. Poblacion

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Name of Project  :  Installation of 16-units Streetlights
Project Cost  :  Php 156,684.00
Location  :  Brgy. Poblacion, Bunawan, Agusan del Sur
Date Implemented:  September 09, 2021
Beneficiary/ies  :  150 Households of Purok 8 Poblacion

Residents of Brgy. Poblacion in Bunawan, Agusan del Sur, can now enjoy safer and brighter nights with the installation of 16-unit streetlights.  Implemented on September 09, 2021, with a project cost of Php 156,684.00, the initiative aimed to improve the quality of life of the 150 households in Purok 8 Poblacion by providing better lighting along the streets.

Before the installation of the streetlights, residents had to rely on dim and unreliable lighting, which posed risks to their safety and security.  With the new streetlights, they can now move around more freely and confidently, especially at night.

The project also had a positive impact on the local economy, as it created job opportunities for the community.  Local electricians were hired to install the streetlights, providing them with income and helping boost the local economy.

The installation of 16-unit streetlights in Brgy. Poblacion, Bunawan, Agusan del Sur, is an excellent example of how small-scale infrastructure projects can have a significant impact on the community's well-being.  The initiative has made a real difference in the lives of the residents of Brgy. Poblacion, providing them with a safer and more comfortable environment to live in.

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