The Way of the Tiger

In a brilliant display of teamwork and creative thinking, the managers of Philsaga Mining Corporation (PMC) and Mindanao Mineral Processing & Refining Corporation (MMPRC) came up with a Vision and Mission Statement that completely captured the goals and values of the two companies.


The Company will be the leading, world class, highly-sustainable mining company delivering excellent value to all stakeholders.

This grand and ambitious vision excites and invites each member of the PMC-MMPRC family to work hard together to reach this lofty goal. This vision drives us and sustains us as we pour our best into our jobs.


We are a highly-motivated team committed to growth by discovering mineral resources and operating within the highest mining industry standards, and with strict adherence to our corporate, social and environmental responsibilities.

If the vision is the what, the mission is the how. Each day that we are at work, we are doing our mission for the company. We motivate each other as we work together for the company’s growth. When the company grows, the employees, their families, and the host communities grow with it. This growth is coupled with maintaining high quality of our work and never losing sight of our corporate, social, and environmental responsibilities.

Our Vision and Mission Statement is anchored on five values: TEAMWORK, INTEGRITY, GROWTH, EXCELLENCE, RESPONSIBILITY. TIGER. We will Succeed through Teamwork, Act with Integrity to Achieve Growth, Commit to Excellence and Operate with Responsibility. We will commit to the WAY OF THE TIGER - TEAMWORK, INTEGRITY, GROWTH, EXCELLENCE, RESPONSIBILITY.

These are the values that we live by. To be a true TIGER, we ought to use these values to face the challenges that meet us.