Strengthening Security: Capacitating Philsaga Mining Corporation's Quick Reaction Force

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ROSARIO, AGUSAN DEL SUR - In a proactive move to boost the effectiveness and readiness of its Quick Reaction Force (QRF), the Security and Enforcement Group (SEG) of Philsaga Mining Corporation (PMC) commenced a specialized training program on February 20, 2024. The 14-day intensive course on the PMC premises is designed to prepare the QRF personnel to handle emergencies and unforeseen incidents efficiently.

The training program was approved by PMC President Atty. Raul C Villanueva aims to equip the QRF team with the necessary skills, knowledge, and motivation to respond swiftly and effectively under pressure. The curriculum is crafted to enhance their ability to assess situations rapidly, make quick decisions, and deploy expertise in potentially high-stress environments. This initiative aims to bolster security and prepare the team for various scenarios, including natural disasters and security threats, to protect PMC's assets and resources.

BGen Maurito L. Licudine, AFP (Res), SEG Manager, expressed his pride in the QRF's achievements and stressed the lasting impact of their training. He encouraged the force to continue learning and practicing the techniques, tactics, and procedures during their lull moments.



"The lessons and skills they acquired provided them a strong foundation to build. However, this should be honed and practiced time and again." Licudine remarked.

To further enrich the training experience, SEG enlisted the services of guest instructors from the 67th Infantry Battalion of the 10th Infantry Division. The instructors provided expertise in military tactics such as patrolling, map reading, visual tracking, marksmanship, immediate action drills, dismounting operations, and firearms maintenance. These sessions are crucial for developing the QRF's tactical skills and operational readiness.

Nazar Nacua, the QRF Supervisor, reflected on his growth as a leader during the program.


"It's a great privilege to be entrusted with leadership. I've strived to lead with empathy and dedication to ensure cohesiveness and effective communication among my colleagues," he said, highlighting the personal and professional development the training fostered.

Licudine emphasized that the training is just the beginning of a continuous improvement process for the QRF team.


"This organizational training is merely the start; we are committed to providing them with more advanced training not only on tactics but also on emergency response to develop their capabilities further," he assured.

Through initiatives like these, PMC's Security and Enforcement Group is dedicated to fortifying its defenses, ensuring that its Quick Reaction Force can protect the company's personnel, property, and assets against any threat.

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